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Specialising in figurative illustration, fashion and live drawing


Kathy is the perfect example of a figurative illustrator whose professional range of subjects is both broad and diverse, her ability to tackle most subjects with the same stylish brushwork, strength of line and adaptive approach attracts commissions internationally from editorial and advertising, to packaging, websites, story boarding for film and music videos and live event drawing.

More recently her work has also appeared as fabric design, graphics on clothing, bags and luxury products.

The backbone of her skillset is her understanding of anatomy and movement expressed in her love of drawing, this paired with an ever evolving exploration of materials and techniques is the recipe that keeps her work fresh and versatile.

Whether it’s her stylishly fluid brushwork, light and minimal line work or her dynamic combinations of colourful mark making, Kathys work grabs the viewer’s interest through its elegance.

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If you would like to discuss an upcoming projects or commission please contact me directly.

Alternatively you can email directly here or call on (+44)7721 881 506.

I look forward to hearing from you.