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Live Event Drawing

A variety of Live Drawing clients from Swarovski Jewellery &  Richard Mille Luxury watches to Bulgari, Mishy May Couture, Louis Vuitton, & Yves Saint Laurent – have taken her across the world from Vegas to St Moritz.



Live drawing for YSL at Heathrow Airport has to be one of the more challenging events where Kathy

 has worked, surrounded by the excitement of travel and the urgency of timetable elevating the atmosphere,

she felt privileged to have the opportunity to draw multicultural clientele and a real cross section of passers

by who were open to the idea of travelling to their destination with a freshly hand drawn portrait in their luggage.




Bvlgari Live Drawing


For these Bvlgari events in Switzerland, Kathy worked in both St Moritz and then Zurich.

In liaising with the client beforehand, templates of hand position had been produced so

that Bulgari’s latest range of luxury watches and jewellery could be printed in a specified

position on quality watercolour papers prior to the event.

 This pre organisation enabled Kathy to paint each guest sporting  a photo of their chosen

Bulgari item as part of their hand drawn portrait by art directing specific poses.




‘Clients and team were delighted with your work on your visit to Switzerland! Thanks you again for making those sessions such a success.’

Lucie Bougon – BULGARI . Zurich



Live Drawing Cabaret Couture

OVERDUE Art Magazine

publishes Kathys (also known as Katharine Asher) live drawings in an article describing

their experience of taking part in a Klimt influenced Drawing Cabaret Couture session.

Sustainable costume designer – Genieve Couture

Set designer @mglawrence of Drawing Cabaret Couture


‘The work inspired by Drawing Cabaret Couture is tantalising and mesmeric. Still life with movement.

Brush strokes & pencil lines that seem to dance on the page.

There’s a lightness of being and a chiffon airiness that defies the logic of the static image.

What is this sorcery? How can these beautiful still lives seem not so still at all?’





‘You are wonderful to work with Kathy and your elegant live drawings were loved by all – including the models. Your thoughtfulness appreciated in the midst of such pressure.’

 Molly Mishy May  of  MISHY MAY COUTURE



In the last 6 years live drawing has really taken off for Kathy.

She works equally well traditionally in brush and ink or digitally, at speed, and is able to present your guest with their portrait before the leave the event.

Live events are the perfect opportunity for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands to establish a one to one connection with their customers.

Kathys sublime drawing skills provide the perfect means to achieve this.

In the age of the selfie, guests are irresistibly drawn to the idea of having their portrait rendered from a more personal perspective.




In collaboration with www.drawingcabaretcouture.com  and their young high fashion couture designers, Kathy has produced an immense  quantity of live drawings via their online Zoom sessions. Two of the designers now use Kathys images of their couture work within their websites. The possability of using Kathys work  on future garments is under discussion.

Inga Kovalerova

Antonia Nae

The limitations of lock down have not inhibited this process as Kathy can work live via Zoom link or from photos emailed to her, the work in this scenario can be emailed back to the client or the guest before the end of the event.




‘We all massively appreciated your input and dedication to the show,you are a true professional, a low maintenance partner and a complete delight to work with – I can’t thank you enough.’

Janet Reis  – ROCKPORT GROUP – Las Vegas USA




Strike a Pose

Ami Benton


is a dancer, aerial gymnast, and catwalk model, bur also runs and models for her ‘Strike a Pose’ high fashion

speed drawing sessions.These sessions are essential for live event artists in order to keep up your speed,

eye to hand co ordination and to continually develop your style.




Lillingston Parties

Kathy was asked to work digitally for this event, printing portraits for the guests ‘in situ’ via a portable printer.

As there were also other scheduled entertainments performing at the same time – guests preferred on this occasion

for her to work from phone photos while they ate and party’d- collecting their portraits in pink presentation envelopes

at their leisure.