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Self  initiated commercial and 'pitch' works

High quality giclee prints are available in a variety of sizes.


A4 £20
A3 £50
A2 £90
A1 £175

+ £5 P&P per print – and posted directly to your door by https://wwwd.mockingbirdpressuk.com

Please email or contact me for enquiries and more information.



Copyright – Kathy Wyatt

Live Drawings

While we have selected just a few live drawings for this display area of the shop , you will  also find 100’s more to choose from on Kathys instagram pages.  @kathyillustration & @kathy.fashionillustration .

While Kathys most recent instagram posts can be viewed at the very bottom of this page.

If you would like a print of an image you see on her instagram pages -please post a message to that effect under the image of choice and she will contact you to personally.


Copyright – KathyWyatt


If you would like to discuss an upcoming projects or commission please contact me directly.

Alternatively you can email directly here or call on (+44)7721 881 506.

I look forward to hearing from you.